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FUE is the most popular hair transplant method because it takes a natural look. As opposed to other methods that implant individual hairs in spaces that need filling, FUF produces an all-natural appearance with no signs of surgery.

The fact that many men experience hair loss at a younger age means they may opt for Concord’s fue transplants. You could also choose follicular unit transplantation (FUT), but it’s considered outdated and less natural looking, hence why we recommend FUE hair transplants!

1. Concord Hair Transplants don’t leave scars

FUE hair transplants are widely favored as opposed to FUT because they do not involve deep-cutting surgery. For this type of treatment, (grafts) hair is extracted from your scalp one by one using a handheld device without leaving linear scars on the head in the process; thus giving you smoothness all over again!

Fue hair restoration is the most effective way to cover thinning or balding parts on your scalp with an implant. The process will take just weeks, and you can expect it’ll blend in seamlessly without looking artificial at all!

Hair restoration is a big decision and you deserve the best. That’s why we offer Concord Fue hair implants, which are put into place by our skilled and experienced team. Your hairline is not “cookie cutter” you get a custom hairline that’s age appropriate and perfectly blended into your existing hairline – natural-looking results.

You will have a full head of hair! It’s as if you never went bald, and the transplant never happened. Even under scrutiny, few people notice — FUE transplants are that good!

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2. Natural results – using your own hair

The donor grafts used to fill the bald spots are taken from your scalp, so there’s no need for synthetic hair. As such you can expect a full and natural recovery as it mixes in perfectly with what was already present!

The fact that no synthetic hair is added during FUE surgery makes it the go-to method for many doctors.

The most important thing in achieving a natural-looking hairline is ensuring that your new growth takes the shape of what was there before. This can be done through follicular unit extraction (FUE).

3. Fast recovery

Most people take one to two days after a FUE hair restoration surgery before they can resume their daily lives.

Get yourself a free hair consultation

FUE hair transplant is a great option for those who are suffering from the side effects of alopecia or any general form of hair loss. A visit to an expert will help you understand what treatment options may work best in your case.

Concord Hair Restoration offers both virtual and in-person consultations. We have locations in San Diego and Los Angeles. Call us today!

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