Tips for Sleeping After Getting FUE

FUE Hair Restoration is an exciting way to get back your full head of hair. You can expect some swelling after the procedure, but it will go away quickly! It’s important to know the best sleeping techniques and postures after undergoing a FUE hair transplant procedure. You can expect to have a little bit of […]

Men’s African American Hair Transplant

Men’s African American Hair Transplant Men’s Afro-American Hair Transplant Services Dr. Ben Mousavi MD, ABHRS, a highly professional and devoted hair transplant physician is a well-renowned physician, is specialized in African American hair transplants. He is professional in both the FUE and FUT (Strip) methods. His main regime of specialty is in Ethnic hair Follicular […]

Female Hair Transplant Los Angeles

Female Hair Transplant Los Angeles Women are also at risk for hair loss, though the cause may be different than men. A hair transplant can help if you’re facing a problem with your own head of hair and want to boost it back up again! Dr. Ben Mousavi has performed many successful surgeries on women […]

Essential Nutrients You Need to Combat Thinning Hair

Eating a well-balanced diet is important for everyone. But, did you know that good nutrition can also be essential to maintain healthy hair? In many cases, the condition of your hair may be one way to tell if there are vitamin and mineral deficiencies in your body by looking at how it looks or feels. […]

What are the benefits of a NeoGraft Hair Restoration?

Hair restoration has come a long way! Neograft revolutionized the hair transplant industry by being the first to offer automated FUE, a procedure that leaves no linear scar in its wake. With more than 100k transplants under their belt without any visible scars, Neograft is now at version 2.0 and collaborating with top aesthetic doctors […]

How Do I Find A Reputable Hair Transplant Clinic?

If you are experiencing hair loss, you’ve probably already considered looking for a reputable hair restoration clinic near you. There are many reputable hair transplant clinics that can help restore your once-thick head of hair. These clinics offer a variety of services including surgical procedures, non-surgical procedures, and even eyebrow or beard transplants. I’ll go […]

I’m Losing My Hair. What Should I Do?

A few strands in the sink, or noticing that your hairline is higher than it used to be – these are a couple of indicators of early-onset balding. Thankfully though, we’ve got an abundance of options when it comes to restoring our hair and maintaining a lush head of hair well into later life! When […]

The Connection Between Stress & Hair Loss

Our hair is a mirror of our health. Stress can cause you to pull out your own locks or lose them all together. This study shows that stress causes slower growth, bald spots and thinning in people with full heads of hair! We all know the feeling: something gets us worked up beyond belief or […]