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FUE Facial Hair Transplant 



FUE Facial Hair Transplant

Some men struggle to grow a beard that looks full because of bare spots and other issues.

The reasons for uneven, patchy or non-existent beard growth are many – from genetics to stress to ​alopecia areata​ to hormone imbalances.

There are many ​methods to fix​ a patchy or sparsely-growing beard, including beard transplants. Indeed, a beard transplant is similar to a hair transplant on your scalp and strives to achieve the same desired effect – a full, ​natural-looking beard​ in whatever beard style a man chooses.


What is a Beard Transplant?

Beard transplants have surged in popularity in recent years. Hair is taken from another part of the body​ and implanted into your face to create the beard style of your choosing.


How does it work?

The hair used for beard transplants most often comes from the patient’s head area, under the chin. It matches the density and diameter of facial hair. If there is an insufficient supply of hair under the chin, hair is taken from the horseshoe-shaped fringe of the head as an alternative option or from the chest. Chest hair gives the beard area more density.

The surgeon must first evaluate the consistency of the hair in the recipient area with an area of the body that is a suitable donor site.

The hair on the back of your head varies in its structure and diameter than pre-existing beard hair, making it harder to match it with ​your facial hair​.

To achieve a natural-looking beard density, surgeons may opt to use a high number of grafts to meet the patient’s expectations.

An average of 4,000 to 7,000 ​hair follicle grafts​ are available for use in a beard transplant procedure. It’s important to note that hair removed from one area may shorten the final reserves of hair follicles available for future implants.

The Beard Transplant Procedure
A beard transplant involves a pretty straightforward process in which hair ​follicles are removed​ from under the chin or back of the head and then transplanted into bald patches in the beard area.

Facial hair transplants are not just for beards, either. Whether it is your mustache, sideburns, or goatee, transplants will help you achieve the look that you desire.

The new facial hair grows like normal facial hair with similar texture and characteristics.

You can shave the new hair as you would with any facial hair or let it grow to a length similar to the native hair follicle. Once transplanted, the new hairs are extremely difficult to tell apart from your natural facial hair.

Type of Beard Transplants

Follicular Unit Extraction (​FUE​) is one of the major types and most common hair transplant of facial hair. This is a technique by which surgeons remove hair from the donor area.

In an ​FUE transplant​ procedure, each hair graft is removed one by one from the donor region and harvested through small circular incisions over a larger area. FUE does NOT leave behind a linear scar as do other types of hair transplants (commonly known as FUT). FUE has a faster healing time, meaning that patients who want to return to regular physical activity can do so relatively quickly. FUE is preferred for extracting hair from donor regions in which are more susceptible to widened scars due to skin looseness. There is little or no discomfort with FUE.

FUE Facial Hair Transplant
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(Photo above) Massive before and after transformation here from an FUE Beard hair restoration procedure. Our patient is extremely happy and satisfied with his results. The FUE beard restoration procedure can really transform your sparse facial hair look to an increased level of volume & density and it is minimally invasive with a fast recovery time. Contact us today to schedule your free FUE beard hair restoration consultation.

Concord Hair FUE procedure

How long will the FUE procedure take?

The duration of an FUE procedure depends on how many follicles we need to individually implant, the easiness and ease in extraction as well as size coverage area needed.

Because these hairs are extracted one by one it can take up 8 hours or so for this method depending on your needs!

Your comfort is our priority

You can watch movies, chat with friends online or play games during your FUE procedure.

You’ll barely even notice how long it takes because we have made sure everything is perfect here at Concord Hair Florida – from our excellent staff who are always available if you need something anytime, fully stocked snacks available, and of course there are regular bathroom breaks.

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