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FUE Hair Restoration is an exciting way to get back your full head of hair. You can expect some swelling after the procedure, but it will go away quickly!

It’s important to know the best sleeping techniques and postures after undergoing a FUE hair transplant procedure.

You can expect to have a little bit of swelling after getting the FUE hair restoration procedure. It is usually not very noticeable and will go away within days, sometimes hours!

With bedtime approaching, it’s normal to wonder…

“I just got a FUE hair restoration, how do I sleep tonight?”

If you’re worried about protecting your investment in hair restoration. Don’t worry – with these tips, you’ll feel rested and have peace of mind your hair procedure is safeguarded.

Keep Your Head Elevated to Help Prevent Swelling

To make the recovery process more successful, Dr. Ben Mousavi an expert FUE Doctor in San Diego has these tips for managing swelling after surgery.

To minimize irritation and protect the newly transplanted hair follicles on your swollen head, it’s important to sleep in a position that keeps your head elevated. Using pillows to prop yourself up in a sitting or reclining position can offer the necessary support and comfort, while also reducing soreness.

If you don’t have a recliner, consider adapting your couch for sleep. By positioning your pillow against the armrests and adding an extra one for comfort, you can replicate the head-elevating benefits of a recliner, ensuring minimal contact with other surfaces.

Beyond positioning, other measures to reduce swelling include applying ice packs and staying well-hydrated. These steps are essential post-surgery to alleviate swelling in the affected areas. Be sure to discuss with your surgeon the most effective strategies tailored to your specific needs.

The Best Sleeping Techniques After a FUE Hair Transplant

One of the common fears people have after undergoing an FUE procedure is that their hair will be damaged during sleep. Despite what most surgeons agree on, some patients still report experiencing this rare and difficult problem with ease; however, it’s always better safe than sorry! These sleeping techniques also require you to invest in some extra pillows. So if you haven’t already, get prepared before your FUE hair transplant and purchase some new pillows.

Sleep Elevated on your Side

The best way to protect your new hair from damage is by sleeping on your side and keeping the pillow in an upright position. If you have any doubts, or just want peace of mind when switching sides for whatever reason- go ahead!

Next, place a pillow to safeguard your head from bumping into the headboard. Accidents happen, and since you’re sleeping in an unfamiliar sleeping position, you will want to take every precaution.

Prevent Rollovers

You will want to invest in some new pillows before your surgery. You can use two of the biggest, fullest ones you have so that when they are stacked on either side it’ll be like a massive pillow under your head for support and comfort during sleep-time periods post hair transplantation process! One pillow should rest with arms and palms facing down while the legs extend so you don’t roll over while sleeping- this prevents movement which can cause pain!

airplane pillowAirline Pillows

In order to make the most of your surgery experience, try using a travel or airline pillow. These pillows come with firmness and support features that will help prevent irritation on your donor site as well protect any grafts from rubbing against it while you sleep! These are especially a necessity if you’re traveling to Concord Hair Restoration by airplane. (To either one of our hair restoration clinics in Los Angeles or San Diego location. You’ll be ahead of the game when you get home too with an airline pillow.

After a FUE hair restoration at Concord Hair Restoration, we will give you instructions on how to care for your new hair follicles as well as recommendations how to sleep after the procedure. We hope these tips help you better understand the aftercare needed if you’re interested in getting a FUE hair restoration.

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