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With more than 50 million Americans struggling with hair loss, FUE transplants are quickly becoming an ideal solution. With a host of benefits to offer those in need and enough reasons for them not only to choose but recommend this procedure as well!

Follicles from one’s own head can be used during surgery – which means no donor implants or scarring on the skin where healing will take place; Patients often have less pain after surgery because there is far less tissue taken away (less risk/ Higher reward); If done correctly you’ll end up having much healthier follicles so growth should resume at normal rates again soon afterward. There are many benefits to getting a FUE hair transplant.

You Want a Permanent Hair Loss Solution

Imagine the relief and confidence that comes from no longer experiencing hair loss. With Concord Hair Restoration’s FUE Hair Transplant, this can be your reality. This procedure offers permanent solutions to hair loss, meaning you won’t have to rely on medications or creams post-surgery. The longevity and effectiveness of the results speak for themselves!

You Want Natural Looking Results

Follicle unit extraction procedures give you natural-looking hair because they involve sourcing from parts of your skin that have abundant growth and transferring it to balding areas. Your new patches will be identical in appearance with the rest of what’s on top, so there’s no need for additional treatments after the procedure.

No Side Effects

With no side effects and a completely safe procedure, Concord Hair Restoration’s FUE hair transplants make it possible for everybody to have access to treatments. You will not experience scarring or soreness after your operation since both the donor site as well recipient area is left clean and healthy in every way possible!

You Need a Fast Recovery

Don’t worry, Concord Hair Restoration’s are a quick and efficient way to get your hair problems fixed. You can expect that the recipient sites will be filled with healthy growth within one month.

You Have a Tight Scalp

Tight scalp sufferers deal with hair loss problems more commonly than average. That’s why Concord Hair Restoration’s FUE solutions are recommended by them – because the procedure is highly effective on all types and helps reduce tension in those whose skin has been stretched particularly tight as if they had an athlete’s build. If you’re suffering from this condition yourself then talk to one of our specialists right now who can help get things going again!

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Concord Hair Restoration’s FUE transplants are a relatively new hair restoration technology proving to be beneficial for millions of people across the world. With no side effects, this eight-hour procedure has been touted as one of the most effective solutions for those looking to permanently remedy their hair loss issues with Concord Hair Restoration’s advanced methods in Los Angeles, and San Diego. Call today if you need help finding specialists who can treat your condition!

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