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New year, new hair!

The best way to start off the new year looking great and feeling confident is with an appointment at our hair clinic. We offer all different types of hair restoration services from restoring the hair on your head to your eyebrows, or beard – we have you covered.

Just imagine, this is the year you do something good for your thinning hairline. Better yet, restore it. Instead of watching more hair-thin from your hairline, you can start watching it grow back thick and full this year!

Treat Your Thinning Hair to a FUE Hair Transplant this New Year

What is an FUE?

Follicular unit extraction or FUE for short is an innovative hair restoration technique that allows doctors to remove individual follicles from the back of your head where they are not susceptible to pattern baldness and transplant them into thinning areas. In just a month’s time, you’ll start seeing results as new hairs will grow in place! An FUE is specifically performed using the latest technology in hair transplants called a NeoGraft system. (Automated hair transplant system)

What is the Process?

Patients often go through a series of steps to get their hairline restored. The first step is shaving the back and topically numbing it with an ointment, which allows Dr. Mousavi’s NeoGraft Automated Hair Transplantation system to take effect – he places its tip on follicles where there are several hairs in order for them all to receive treatment in saline solution before being pulled up into storage chamber until needed!

When Dr. Mousavi feels he has enough follicles, they are transplanted into the thinning areas with his handpiece without touching any of them! The NeoGraft tip makes holes at just the right depth and then inserts a hair shaft into each hole making for better success rates than ever before.

When Will the hair Start to Grow?

Your newly-installed hairs will start to fall out after a few weeks. While it may seem like most of your transplanted hairs will fall out after a procedure, this is not always the case. The hair follicles have successfully taken to their new locations and are now in growth mode!

The first few months following surgery are critical to your success. From here, you should expect new growth in 6-12 weeks that will continue for the duration as these follicles have not been susceptible because they’re from behind our heads where most men suffer male pattern baldness!

Ready to Ring in the New Year with New hair?

If you are looking to address thinning hair for the New Year, call Dr. Mousivi and schedule a NeoGraft consultation today! We have two locations in Southern California to meet your needs:

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