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A few strands in the sink, or noticing that your hairline is higher than it used to be – these are a couple of indicators of early-onset balding. Thankfully though, we’ve got an abundance of options when it comes to restoring our hair and maintaining a lush head of hair well into later life!

When you’re ready to accept the fact that your hair is thinning, don’t worry! Concord Hair Restoration has got you covered. First take a deep breath and then call us at: (619) 905-4247 – San Diego (818) 377-5000 – Los Angeles

Hair Restoration Treatment Options

Non-surgical: Depending on the extent of your hair loss, you will have a variety of treatment options. If it is early-stage or if there are still existing hairs that need to be kept intact, non-surgical treatments can help promote healthy growth and thickens existing strands for fuller-looking locks.

Hair Transplants: However, in cases where men do not want to wait any longer than necessary before seeing results they may opt for transplantation procedures which take transplanted follicles from areas with strong donor supply (i.e., backside) and move them into thinning regions like the top/front head region as well as other parts such as sides & temple area – resulting in fullness throughout these specific sites that were previously lacking density (among others).

Regrow your hair

If you need to explore more options, hair transplantation is the solution for growing hair where there isn’t already. Hair transplants are a procedure that involves taking follicles from one area of your head and putting them on another thinning part; it’s typically done when other methods have failed or aren’t enough.


The minimally invasive Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) procedure involves removing 1-4 hair follicles from the patient’s donor area and then transplanting them into their recipient area. There are no stitches required, which help to minimize scarring in its tracks!

Facial Hair Transplant

Men with patchy beards have several options for fixing this problem. Some techniques involve using medicine or supplements, but there are also surgical methods like beard transplants that can give the illusion of a fuller and more defined facial hair look in just one session. Beard transplant is similar to other kinds of hair transplantation procedures where they take out small units from an area on your scalp (or elsewhere) containing healthy hairs which will then grow naturally into new follicles below the skin surface – except it’s applied specifically onto areas along your face you want to be covered up by some extra dense patches and growths!

Eyebrow FUE Hair Transplant

Many individuals suffer from thinning or damaged eyebrows, but we have a solution. Our revolutionary eyebrow transplant using FUE hair transplant technique can help build on the existing brows or create an entirely new and natural-looking one for those with no hair at all.

Which Hair Restoration is Right for You?

Everyone’s hair loss is unique, from stress to genetics, so how do you choose the one that’s right for you? To decide this, schedule a free consultation with a Concord Hair Restoration specialist. During your consultation, they will help determine which course of action best fits your needs and goals based on their specific assessment of what works best for each individual patient.

For more information about our hair restoration services or to set up an appointment call us today at (619) 905-4247 – San Diego (818) 377-5000 – Los Angeles.