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What should one consider when choosing which a FUE Hair Clinic in Los Angeles? Let’s go over the basics to ensure the quality and safety needed to achieve the best results possible. FUE hair restoration is of the most sought-after procedures in modern medicine, hair transplant surgery is a life-changing experience. Hair loss specialists can restore your confidence with this procedure and give you back some thinning regions from years ago!

Here are six factors to keep in mind even as you search for
“Hair Clinic Los Angeles.

Research the surgeon

Check out their academic certifications as proof of expertise and ask about how many patients they have helped over the years to determine if this person has experience performing FUE procedures like hair restoration surgery on scalp tissue. Make sure they have the specific experience needed, for example, if you’re looking for a specific FUE procedure that requires artistry such as eyebrow restoration, make sure they have experience and is demonstrated in their online portfolio.

An experienced staff

When searching for the top surgeon in your locality, it’s crucial to choose a team that’s not only experienced but also approachable and reassuring. The staff should possess the necessary qualifications and certifications, and equally important, they should be amiable and supportive, creating a comfortable atmosphere for patients during their procedures. Pay attention to how they interact on the phone – are they cordial and accommodating? Do they thoroughly address all your queries?


A top Los Angeles hair clinic will have the latest technologies and instruments such as Neograft to carry out your FUE procedure. The devices used will depend on what type of FUE treatment you choose – manual or robotic surgery.

Ask about their preferred hair restoration technique

There are two basic techniques used in surgeries: follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). The method you choose has an effect on the outcome of your surgery, with FUS typically leaving a scar that may limit hairstyles one can do. When done correctly though (FUE), hardly any visible scars remain making it more popular among clients than others!

amazing before and after hair transplant

Seek out before-and-after results

Every reputable hair clinic in Los Angeles keeps a record of both successful surgical procedures and pictures to show their clients. The hair restoration clinic you choose should have before and after photos. Be sure to look at many competitors’ websites too because unfortunately, some clinics will steal before and after photos. We here have had our amazing before and after photos stolen, that’s why we watermark them now! Compare the photos with people who have had your same color, type (coarseness), or pattern as well as thinning issues in order for you to know which one might be right for what condition(s) affecting your appearance; this could help avoid some shady clinics that steal images from other sites while plastering them all over theirs! Ask around online too – get testimonials from satisfied customers like yourself on different websites where they discuss treatments available at these locations. Be wary if there is zero feedback about an establishment. Check out their social media accounts, and Yelp, Google reviews.

Examine the costs

While the FUE procedure may be standard throughout most of the world, its pricing varies from one clinic to another. You might think that going with a cheaper option is always an easy choice but remember, if a price is too good to be true, it usually is. We’ve seen cheap hair restoration, that being said, – we’ve had clients come to us needing corrective surgery done after having cheap FUE procedures done overseas. That being said, make sure your hair replacement clinic checks all the boxes and you’re getting service that will provide value for money before cutting corners anywhere else!

(Pictured) This patient recently did an FUE procedure at a clinic in Mexico. As you can see he is suffering from a skin infection. This should never happen to a patient post-procedure. A simple course of antibiotics pre and post-procedure could have prevented this. Warning: If you travel abroad for an FUE procedure, you have no recourse after it is done and you put your health and your hair at risk. The standards of practice and medicine are not always universal.

I hope that these tips help you in your quest to find the best hair transplant clinic in Los Angeles.