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Eating a well-balanced diet is important for everyone. But, did you know that good nutrition can also be essential to maintain healthy hair? In many cases, the condition of your hair may be one way to tell if there are vitamin and mineral deficiencies in your body by looking at how it looks or feels.

Omega 3s are essential for hair growth

Omega 6 fatty acids cause an excess of oil production in the scalp which can result in acne and irritation but omega-3 balances this out to keep your locks strong, shiny, flexible and healthy-looking. Try adding fish into your diet twice a week or getting them from walnuts/flaxseeds/avocados

Omega 3s are necessary for hair growth because they balance natural oils that prevent skin issues like acne on the surface of our head while still allowing enough sebum to coat each strand properly so it stays moisturized without being weighed down by too much product buildup. Include salmon or mackerel (or walnuts, flaxseeds & avocadoes) into your meals.

Protein is crucial for hair growth

Incorporating protein into your diet is a key factor in maintaining thick, healthy hair. Foods like Greek yogurt, eggs, and lean poultry such as chicken or turkey are excellent sources to meet your daily protein needs.

Protein plays a vital role in sustaining strong and well-nourished hair, as hair strands are predominantly composed of proteins. Consuming foods rich in protein, including eggs, Greek yogurt, and poultry, provides essential nutrients like Vitamin B12, which stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles, aiding in growth. Iron, another crucial element for cellular function, is also found in these foods. Regular intake of these nutrients is fundamental to avoid weak and brittle hair over time, as a deficiency can lead to such conditions.

Improve your hair’s health with iron

Iron helps bring oxygen into the body, and is particularly important for nourishing red blood cells that generate energy in muscles throughout the body. Iron can be found naturally in many foods such as spinach, lean beef, nuts and beans.  To really benefit from all of these special nutrients you’ll need a healthy diet full of leafy greens like kale or chard along with protein rich food sources every day!

B Vitamins are essential for healthy hair

These vitamins transport nutrients to the follicles, which is why they can be found in leafy greens like spinach and kale (a great source of Vitamin K), citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits, whole grains such as quinoa or brown rice, lean meats including chicken breast all provide B vitamins that keep your locks looking amazing!

B6 and B12 are vital for healthy hair because they help deliver nutrients to your hair follicles. They allow you ingest key ingredients necessary for growing strong strands by incorporating them into our diet through vegetables rich with these minerals; dark green veggies include broccoli , collard greens etc., while fruit sources consist of bananas , avocados , lemons & limes .


Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is a nutrient that’s easy to incorporate into your diet. Found in eggs, fruits and vegetables are an important part of hair growth so it should be included in everyone’s meal plan for healthy skin/hair.

Biotin or Vitamin B-7 has many health benefits including being able to help with the development of strong nails along with healthy hair. It can easily be found by eating different types fruit such apples which contain biotin naturally because they have lots vitamins added during their production process when growing them on farms.


Chocolate is packed with nutrients that can help grow and maintain healthy hair. Zinc, found in chocolate, helps cells reproduce which leads to tissue growth and repair of the body. Chocolate also contains zinc which keeps your oily glands moisturized for soft shiny hair!

Zinc can be found in one of the most popular foods; chocolate! It promotes cell reproduction helping tissues like skin or even hairs stay strong while growing back stronger than ever after any damage has occurred due to harsh environmental conditions like pollution or UV rays from sunlight exposure resulting into damaged cells forming scars on our exterior layer namely epidermis but when we eat food rich in minerals it enhances healing properties quickly repairing these damages by promoting faster epithelialization process (healing).

Vitamin A

Watermelons, carrots, mangoes and sweet potatoes all contain vitamin A. Vitamin A is an antioxidant that helps produce sebum to keep your scalp healthy and hair glossy.

Vitamin A keeps skin soft so you can have beautifully smooth skin while also helping produce the oils in our scalps which makes us look fabulous!

Vitamin C

Adding vitamin C to your diet might help fight hair loss and boost collagen production, which is essential for healthy hair. This nutrient also helps your body produce elastin, another protein that gives skin its pliability while preventing wrinkles.
Some people are deficient in Vitamin C because they have a poor diet or do not get enough sunlight exposure due to their work schedule/lifestyle habits etc.

Vitamin D3

Want healthy hair? Add Vitamin D3 to your diet. It’s found in dairy products, whole grains and fatty fish like salmon.

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin that helps regulate our hair growth cycle! Find it in dairy foods, whole grain food items, as well as certain types of seafood (like wild-caught Alaskan Salmon). The benefits are endless – healthier-looking skin too!

We’re here to help

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