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Can Body Hair Be Transplanted into the Scalp?

Under special circumstances and if our clinicians find the donor site able to withstand transplantation, chest hair and even neck hair can be great sites for donor follicles.

Dr. Ben Mousavi

Hair loss is a common problem that affects both men and women. Fortunately, there are available treatments for hair loss such as hair transplants. While many people may know that hair can be transplanted from another area of the scalp, what they may not know is that body hair can also be transplanted into the scalp under special circumstances. Read on to learn more about body hair transplants and what makes them possible.

What Is a Body Hair Transplant?

A body hair transplant is when follicles from areas of the body like the neck, chest, and back are used as donor sites for a transplant in the scalp. This procedure can be used to achieve natural-looking results, and it’s often preferred over using follicles from another area of the scalp because those follicles have already been exposed to DHT which can cause further thinning or balding.

Who Is Eligible for a Body Hair Transplant?

Not everyone is eligible for this type of transplant, however. In order for our clinicians to determine if someone is a good candidate for a body hair transplant, they must first assess all of the available donor sites (including those on the body) to ensure that they are able to withstand transplantation procedures. If our clinicians find that your donor site is able to withstand transplantation, then you will be considered eligible for a body hair transplant procedure.

What Are the Benefits of Using Body Hair for Transplants?

Using body hair offers several benefits compared to using scalp follicles alone. For example, because body follicles are not as susceptible to DHT, your results will last longer than if you had used only scalp hairs in your transplant procedure. Additionally, because body hairs tend to be thicker than most scalp hairs, you will likely see fuller results faster after your procedure than if you had used only scalp hairs in your surgery. Finally, having access to more donor sites means you don’t have to worry about running out of viable donor hairs during your procedure; this makes it possible for our surgeons to give you natural-looking results with greater accuracy and precision than ever before!

Hair loss can affect both men and women alike but thankfully there are treatment options available such as hair transplants. What many people may not know is that body hairs can also be used as donor sites when performing these types of procedures under certain conditions—namely that our clinicians deem your donor site able to withstand transplantation procedures without any negative side effects or complications occurring afterward.

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